• Why Us?
  • Ethos Wealth Management is an Investment Advisory Firm determined to provide accurate financial services to our extended family.
    Over the years, Banks and Financial Institutions have become notorious for increasing their personal wealth, while families bear the brunt of ‘hidden’ charges and management fees.
    Ethos Wealth has been formed in order to revolutionize the financial markets.
    We Believe:
    • Clients’ needs come first
    • Be informed to be ahead
    • Trust is built over time:  So start working on it today!
    • If you are trying to help a family, why charge fees? Does this not go against the fundamental concept of “Wealth Creation”?
    We customize solutions aimed to fulfill your long term investment objectives.
    1. Zero Fee Model: We provide a complete financial plan, with a road-map as well as step by step guidelines on how to invest: at absolutely no cost
    2. Goal Specific Investment Solutions: We provide products based on your specific requirements: No Bias towards a particular company, bank or financial institution
    3. One stop shop for Financial Planning: Ethos has the capacity and capability to fulfill all our clients’ financial planning requirements
    4. On-the-go Portfolio access: 24/7 Online access and customized blackberry and i-phone applications for instant portfolio access
    5. Strong Advisory Board: Ethos provides advice on specific investment vehicles, with expertise, in-sight and in-depth knowledge from our accomplished advisory board
    6.  Advisor Blogs and Advice Forum: We aim to create an honest and up-front medium for a market which is highly misguided